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VP Legal Negotiable Bangkok 28 March 2018

  • To ensure that all contracts/agreements or any binding documents in any forms entered into by the Company are to be the best interest of the Company, to control that rights and obligations there under including any disputes and/or litigations arising out are properly handled, and ensure that the Company has proper risk management in view of liability claims  by customers or any third parties and compliance with applicable law and ethics .
  • Complete other jobs as assigned by management
Legal Advice
  • Legal advice is not purely based on Laws but has to taking into account the business of Company and commercial view, which is challenging and need a lot of experiences in working in this field. 
  • Not all lawyers can do this job so it is severe shortage to get in-house qualified lawyer.  
  • In addition, since most of users can directly contact the counter party for any contracts they may need to enter into and may not consult with our legal team prior to make any commitment to the counter-party, it will be more difficult for legal team to help them in the later stage to negotiate with the counter party to get the better position when the commercial deal has been finalized.
  • Unplanned work can burden the legal team to work at the late hours.
Ethics and Compliance
  • Since VP-Legal is also in charge as an Ethics Officer for Company, it is important as well that he or she has to advise or make all staff be aware of the Company’s Ethics/ Code of Conduct and comply with Company’s Ethics Policy in conducting the Company’s business. This task is very difficult since to educate all staff we have to arrange training to inform them and keep refresh them of the ethics so that it will become the staff’s natural attitude of working with ethics.
  • Bachelor’s or higher of Laws.
  • Having experiences in key contracts in respect of energy field for not less than 10 years.
Interested candidates, please submit your full resume and recent photo to recruitment@skillboxthailand.com
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